What about the workload at ENTC??

It’s quite managable.

Personally, I (final year) have never felt the workload in the past 4 years. I have taken optional modules worth an entire extra semester (18 extra credits) while teaching A/L math outside, volunteering in clubs, doing two research projects in final year and still finding enough time for social life, go on hikes and trips, watch movies and TV series and read novels. Also I waste a lot of time on Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube. :wink:

Many students choose to take the minimum required credits and keep their workload minimum. On the other hand, some of my other friends are way busier than me. One is the captain of University Badminton team for the past two years while maintaining a good GPA. We have two students in University badminton team, another one doing weightlifting.

Some others are holding executive positions in clubs such as Rotaract, Gavel and AIESEC, some work as apprentices on weekends at research facilities, others have diverse set of hobbies, all while taking extra optional modules.

They are able to manage all of these very well while doing well in studies. You can take as much or as little as you can handle on your plate.


Hello @Wathsala!

It depends on your approach in dealing with it. In a general perspective, I’d say the workload is a little high when compared with the rest of the streams (Probably not as high as that of the Mechanical stream though!). But it is compensated by the fact that most of the areas that you’d be learning here would make you world-ready (No pain, no gain). But having said that, workload is not a barrier for you to have fun in between. You can still get involved in a sport you like (highly recommended) or in club that aligns with your interests. And it’s worthwhile noting that ENTC has a plethora of student activities (Abhina, Tronic Premier League, Tronic Padura etc – probably more than any other department in the university!)

General rule of thumb in dealing with the workload : Self Studying. ENTC has an experienced and friendly lecturing panel but the university is not just about teaching-centric education. Therefore, you’d have to have some contribution from your part too. But not to worry as help would always be there for those who ask for it, since you’ll be amongst a very diverse community of people who come from different backgrounds (Math-lovers, Tech-lovers and even Management-lovers).

Hope this answers your question. Let us know if you have further questions :slight_smile:


Agree with Ashwin and Aba. You can manage the workload. It is not comparatively too much (definitely not too little) - but if there is a will, there is a way (y)