Student Life in ENTC: Relationship with Seniors and Staff

Are the lecturers and seniors helpful? At what level do seniors interact with the juniors? (is seniority strictly practiced?) Please give an unbiased answer

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One of the main reasons I chose ENTC (over two other departments i was interested in), was the people here.

In my personal, unbiased opinion, I feel ENTC has a higher percentage of liberal, open minded people. Don’t get me wrong. Open minded people are in all departments and I have had the privilege to befriend most of them through clubs and societies. From that experience, I love the environment inside ENTC and feel at home here.

Insaf ayya (14 batch) was one of the first seniors I ever met in the university. His liberal approach (he always calls the juniors “machan” and discourages calling him “ayya”, although I always call him that) was one of the key factors that attracted me here. After coming here I saw there’s no pointless seniority enforced and an excellent bond forms between all 4 levels of students through events we organize as a department (Abhina, E care…). We respect the seniors as our casual friends who happen to be older / younger and help each other.

For example, every year in Abhina, you can see short dramas with characters of juniors scolding or even hitting seniors. When i was in level 2, I took a role and hit a Level 4 ayya on stage (it’s all part of the drama). And when I came to level 4, characters of juniors made fun of me on stage (again, part of the drama). This is just an example of the kind of freedom we have here.

Also, some of my juniors (year or two younger than me) don’t call me “ayya”. Two months ago we got together and went to a movie, and recently celebrated birthday party of my level 4 friend together.

Lecturers are also very helpful and friendly. Initially we were afraid to approach senior staff (school mentality), but after a semester or two, we have found they are very approachable. We meet the staff regularly to discuss studies, part time projects and ask personal advice.

These days, there is a curriculum revision going on. Dr. Ranga and our HOD prepared a google form to collect suggestions of all students on how the curriculum can be changed. The lecturers then invited us (present and past student representatives) for a meeting. In the three hour meeting, we discussed several serious and sensitive problems openly and potential solutions. Both my parents are lecturers in two other major universities in Sri Lanka. On retrospect, I told my mom “this kind of discussion with this degree of openness would not be possible in any other department in our university or any other university in Sri Lanka”.

I hope these personal experiences of mine give an unbiased picture of the student life here. Feel free to ask more questions…