Salary: CSE vs Electronics

What is the maximum salary that we can earn with electronic job and cs job? Cse department said that their initial salary is higher and their salary is increased with experience. Other departments said it doesnt happen in cs jobs. Is the salary increased in cs jobs? I want to know about salaries in electronic jobs. In different countries different salaries. So can someone give informations about average salary in different countries in cs jobs and electronic jobs???


I don’t have too much in depth idea about this particular topic. But if you want to earn money, you can always focus on improving your skills as an engineer. Success will follow regardless of whether you do CS or ENTC.

In the Sri Lankan context, maybe software engineers (both from CSE and TRONIC) get paid a higher salary - i guess it is a part of job satisfaction. But, in countries like USA, Germany, UK, Australia and Japan, you can earn quite a reasonable amount of money if you can work there. For example, Interns from our department (Around 25 students per year) get foreign internships abroad while still being undergraduates. They get to earn above 150,000 LKR minimum, per month. Keep in mind, these countries also have high cost of living and what you get paid varies from country to country.

All in all, Best comparison i can offer is, if you’re goal is to work abroad and earn, and if you are up for the hard work, ENTC is definitely for you. There are many such motivated students and there are even more such graduates. I know of a batch top (2009) named Gartheeban Ganeshapillai - was a gold medalist at ENTC. Great role model.

Hope this helps, let me know if missed out anything.


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Your comment is valuable and thnkz for that. I want to know, in other countries entc salary is higher than cs? Or cs is higher in any country?? If my target is to earn money and become rich… what is the best choice? Im considering mid range salary…

Lol… This is a hard question to answer. Just doing a degree wont guarantee you will become rich. There are various ways for a person to become rich. It wont really matter if you did ENTC or CSE, if you have the right skills to get into the right job. An ENTC grad called Nipuna Samarasekara works in Google, San Fransico. If you can achieve something like that, definitely you can earn.

But success will follow if you work hard. Look at the option that gives you the most exposure, credentials and skills to reach you’re goals. We can only help you with information to make a selection. We cant make it for you.

Also here is the linkedin page of Gartheeban.

Please compare his credentials with those that are in the post above called “5 things to know about the future of jobs”.


When I chose Electronics, many of my school friends chose Civil engineering, with the idea they can earn a lot after few years when they become a consultant. And some chose CSE due to higher starting salary.

I believe, you will naturally get paid a lot if you are the best in your field. The best Electronics engineer would definitely get paid MUCH more than an average CSE or civil engineer. So, the key to be the best in a field (and earn a lot) is to choose something that you are good at or something that think you will love doing (so you will get good at it by practice and by positive reinforcement, since you will be enjoying it).

Also, a bit of my personal philosophy. Remember money alone can’t buy happiness. If you don’t have job satisfaction and if you hate something that you will be spending 8 hours a day doing, you won’t be happy with all that money. Also the attitude towards life is the most important thing to focus on, if you are optimizing for happiness.


Malli the fact of the matter is that generally CSE grads earn more money than tronic grads, especially in Sri Lanka. On the flip side, there are many ENTC grads who actually earn as much money as CSE grads, however they’re all doing CSE jobs, so think of that what you will.

If you’re truly exceptional, and if you earn gold medals, then probably you’d be better off coming to ENTC rather than CSE, you would probably better realize your potential, and end up in a better place, at least in foreign countries. However the sad truth is that there are 120 people graduating from ENTC (if they all make it that far) and about 10 of them will be exceptional. So if you think you can cut it then come to ENTC. But most our friends had to go through getting repeated, and a lot of my friends who came here with high GPAs, didn’t leave with them.

At the end of the day you have to choose your field based on your passion. So if you passion is hard work (yawn), ruining your GPA and being broke, then by all means come here.

Hi aiya,

You have some very valid points. I think its important in this forum to inform students about what they are getting into clearly. Whatever the situation, 120 students will choose electronics in the end of the day aiya.

The goal is to let them take their decision, knowing everything they need to be informed of to make the correct decision. And all of those students get hired for jobs, with an small portion of them leaving for higher studies.

So better to keep these students informed about how to plan their goals and the workload to be expected if you want to reach you’re goals and etc.

It is true that few software companies pay more. Not all the companies are paying like that but there are 3,4 companies. But high salaries does not come alone, there is a high job risk as well. The fact is you will still get a chance to work there even if you choose ENTC. Both CS and ENTC fresh graduates are getting paid more than other engineering fields in Sri Lanka but increments are there in all the fields and it is purely based on your performance. But to be super rich, just an engineering degree and an employment will not help. You have to go beyond that.
There is no guarantee that you will be rich, whatever field you choose. So let it be your interest which decides the field.

You can’t become rich by doing CSE or ENTC.
Just because you earn a ‘big salary’ doesn’t mean you will become rich.
As a matter of fact, you can’t become rich by just “doing a job”. There are only two ways.

  • To invest and diversify in various bullish stocks, bonds, structured mutual funds, real estate,etc. You should follow that by careful spending and managing of your money.
  • Launch a successful startup, but note that is always a major gamble, especially in Sri Lanka, due to the fact we do not foster the correct startup environment. (Investors risk-averse, government meddling)

To do either of them, a university degree is not a must.

I would like to add something about which I read about recently.

There is a narrow field of engineering where the job is to create drivers for custom chips. You need a unique set of skills to land in this job. That is, you need to be fluent at low level languages like C (software) and also you need to be good at computer architecture design (electronics). There are only few jobs, but there is virtually no competition and the salary is very high . This is because only a small subset of electronics engineers who have these specific skills can do this job.

However, one cannot land in such a job immediately after graduation (not enough experience). One would need to go for a hardware design / debugging job, which offers lower salary than software jobs like web development, spend few years there gaining skills and experience and then move to this job for a very high salary that is almost impossible to get in the software field. Also, job security is very high, since they cannot hire a new person easily if they decide to fire you (in software field you have virtually no job security, since there are thousands waiting to be hired once you are fired)

Moral of the story:

  • Starting salary has almost no relationship to the salary after few years
  • Number of jobs available in a field doesn’t correlate with the long term salary
  • Job security only correlates with how hard the job is and what kind of skills it requires
  • Salary correlates with your skill level and how hard the job is.

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