My target is to earn money only. What should I choose?

Why 80% of them are doing cs jobs? Tronic salary is low. Tronic grads dont do jobs in their field why is that? Tronic top performers like nipuna samarasekara and others doing software jobs? If my target is to earn money what should i choose?


This malli has made it clear that his target is only to get rich. Through comments in the “salary” thread, we have informed him that salary depends on one’s skill and experience. Also, we have told about how job satisfaction matters for happiness…etc.

Having said that, we still haven’t directly answered his question : “If i want to optimize for money only (not general happiness), what field should I choose?”

Answer to that would the field where the expected value (over all jobs in that field) of 50-year-salary would be the highest: considering the probability of an average-skilled person getting each job in the field and the accumulated salary from that job for next 50 years.

Having formulated the question, I am not qualified to answer it, since I do not know about all jobs, the probabilities and their 50 year salaries. Someone else might be able to guide you with an educated guess.

Kindly keep in mind, due to the nature of statistics, there’s no guarantee you would get rich even if you find and choose the field with highest expected salary.

If your target is really to earn money only, you should not really waste time worrying about choices like CSE or ENTC. You have to pick the right audience to ask the right questions. Find someone who is rich and ask him what he did, or if you are able to, find an Moratuwa Graduate who is rich and ask him what to do. We have given you all that we can as well as the necessary information to find your answers.

This forum is not going to make choices for you malli. That is your own responsibility.


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