Mechatronics vs Electronics

What is the difference between mechatronic and tronic modules? Please help.

I am not quite sure about the courses offered in Mechatronics.

However, in our electronics modules, we focus more on discrete and integrated circuit design & manufacturing, signals and systems, mathematical models of signals and filters, electromagnetic interference of signals in mediums, robotics: manipulators, probabilistic robotics algorithms. Kindly check the “Modules” thread too.

We have certain electives such as Thermodynamics, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, which may have similar learning objectives to some mechanical courses. Apart from them ENTC modules are not oriented towards mechanical engineering.

However, most of our students choose the Robotics and Automation field during internships and after graduation. They thrive in these fields and achieve a lot from the foundation laid by our modules.

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Mechatronics deals with both Mechanical design and Electronic design - It is a balance of both. You can take the Handbook from the Mechanical Department and look at the courses offered for Mechatronics.

Electronics is fully based on Electronic Design with minimal (or none) focus on Mechanical design. Most of the mechanical aspects have to be studied by yourself. You can take a look at the Handbook.

Compare the two handbooks and see which degree gives you the more number of matches.

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Finally, I like to know what will be my work places ,what will be my opportunities and what I have to do when I choose Robotics and Automation? Thank you for your support and really appreciate this attempt.

There are quite a few companies here where many of our students work as Robotics and Automation engineers after graduation such as Zone 24x7, Lanka Electronics and Future Drones. In addition, you can also apply for research / job opportunities abroad. Please check the “Opportunities” thread.

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