Interested in Software / Web Development

I’m interested in computer science, web development areas. However i have a strong interest in electronic circuits too.
If I choose electronics (assuming I will have the GPA) , will my chances of going to the software field(maybe in future) be difficult ?

Not really. Many electronics graduates work in software. You can find some graduated people on facebook and speak to them.

If you are really interested in computer science, you can always self study electronics and do a degree in CSE. Since this is a degree in Telecomm and Electronics, you might find certain subjects do not align with your interest, and it could be of less benefit to your future. Please refer to the handbook and take a look at what ENTC offers you.

Hello @nirmal98,

If you want to combine both electronics and computer science, ENTC can offer you a good insight. In the last 3-4 years, I have had the privilege of working in numerous projects / researches which involves a hefty bit of programming, digital electronics (you might have heard about FPGAs which is a hot spot in the tech map in the recent years), analog electronics, signal processing and ML. You would also have the opportunity in working with popular languages and toolkits like Python, C++, Verilog HDL and Embedded C. In addition, since you’ll be amongst a competitive bunch of colleagues, you’ll be motivated to try out new projects and add more know-how to your knowledge pool :slight_smile:

Therefore, since you have mentioned that you have interests in both computer science and electronics alike, I reckon ENTC might be well suited for you. But please make sure that you read about the courses we offer in our handbook before you make the final decision. (Check out this page :

Let us know if you have further questions! :slight_smile:

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Hi Nirmal,

It is true that some ENTC students choose to go for software engineering jobs either temporarily or permanently after graduation. However, this practice is discouraged by the lecturers and may not be the ideal path for you. You have much better chances of landing in a good software job if you do CSE instead.

Programming languages are quite easy to learn. Once we learnt PHP, HTML, CSS and SQL from scratch within a day to build a working website within a week as a project for a CS module (Modular Software Development). However, software engineering is a field that does not focus on coding, but on programming practices. In the 4 years, CSE department trains their students on the practices to follow when coding as a part of a large team. We do not do that here.

ENTC students do a great deal of coding for our research tasks (Python, Matlab, Verilog, C, C++). However, it is mostly done individually or in small groups. And we can see that our coding practices are not always great, we do not name variables / methods properly, rarely use OOP in the right way, do not use version control correctly (most students copy and paste the source code using pen drives to share the changes within the team rather than using a VCS like git correctly).

Instead of focusing on programming practices, ENTC modules focus on discrete and integrated circuit design & manufacturing, signals and systems, mathematical models of signals and filters, electromagnetic interference of signals in mediums, robotics: manipulators, probabilistic robotics algorithms. You will like them if you have a strong passion in electronic circuits. If not, you might feel them as a burden.

These modules give a strong foundation and deep knowledge, which makes electronics graduates unique in the skills when applying for electronics-related jobs and electronics related software development (EDA verification tools). However, in general, electronics graduates lack the ability to use such programming practices in a large software engineering team. We are expected to learn them on our own and we usually learn them during the internship or when we start working. This is a major disadvantage when applying for software engineering / web development.

Therefore, I would suggest you select the CSE department if you are passionate about web development / software engineering and want to go for a job in that field. You will have better chances and you would gather the right set of skills.

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It’s better that you go for CSE, if you are passionate about web development and computer science topics like cryptography, networks, security, software development,etc. It is true, web development is easy to learn, but ENTC doesn’t just cover electronics only, it covers certain telecommunication, signal processing and computer architecture stuff which you may or may not like(assuming).

Secondly the programming you learn at ENTC is not even remotely connected modern day web development stuff like JS, NodeJS, Django, etc. Unless you are into stuff like Machine Learning, then it is not recommended.

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