Interested in Computer Architecture

Im interested in computer architecture and processor design and electronics.However im not very interested in the telecom aspects of entc.Would entc or CS be the right field?


I saw you have mentioned you are not interested in telecommunication. I also shared that dislike, and decided not to do entc. For this situation, you have two available options - CSE or BME. I do not think CSE has an indepth coverage of electronics like ENTC/BME does. But you can choose CSE and self study electronics. On the other hand, you can get into processor design , computer architecture fields very deeply in CSE, but ENTC/BME also offers those things with alot of practical applications and project opportunities. Maybe if you look at all the modules you are taking on till semester 8 - for ENTC, BME and CSE - you can find where the right combination is?


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Hi Daksith,

Just like you, I am also more interested in processor design and computer architecture and not much in telecommunications. Apart from few compulsory modules in first few semesters we are free to not take the telecom electives after that. Instead, you can choose the following modules related to computer architecture:

Semester 3: Computer Organization
Semester 5: Circuits and Systems design - a heavy, interesting project of custom processor design
Semester 7,8:

  • Advanced Digital Systems - Two projects: 1. System bus design and implementation 2. System on Chip design with vector processor.
  • Digital IC Design - Module about designing ICs in a way suitable for fabrication.

In addition to that, you can choose a final year project that aligns with computer design architecture. In addition to the above modules, my final year project is designing a processor to accelerate an object detection neural network.

If you want more details, contact me on
I can send you our project reports and answer your questions about computer architecture and EDA field.


Computer Architecture, Processor Design, and Electronics: definitely ENTC. I think that’s like the core of what we learn at ENTC.

Telecom is a lot to do with signals, information theory, lots a mathematics, and also certain things important for computer architecture. Telecom isn’t solely about communication networks, distributions systems, and all the things that come to your head when you think of telecom (although we do have those as well to some extent).

Also, if you’re not interested in programming and not interested / familiar with working on a language like Java, C#, or Python, I doubt CSE would work out.

I’m honestly not too familiar about the ICE major; I do know that they concentrate somewhat on IoT devices and certain low level stuff. They do have a majority of the CSE modules related to programming though. There definitely is a significant overlap of things in ICE and ENTC (even we have all the IoT / edge devices modules).

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Thank you very much for the very helpful and informative answers😊

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Here are our project reports on Computer Architecture related modules:

Design and Implementation of a Processor optimized for image processing:

Cache & Graphic Equalizer Design and Implementation:

Multimaster Serial Bus Design and Implementation:

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