how many hours can I sleep if I get selected to entc??

I have asked someone sleeps one or two hours per day.Is it true?

Hi Udayangana,

I guess answer to this would be quite subjective. In my case, I make sure to get around 7-8 hours of sleep every day. I personally prefer working late at night, so I sleep in the day time to catch up with that. On the nights before an important submission or a difficult exam I cut on sleep hours and catch up on it the next day, but I am aware it’s unhealthy to do so.

From the discussions with my friends from other departments, I find it is similar in most departments. It’s even worse in some non-engineering departments.

Most of my friends sleep more than 8 hours a day while performing well in studies.

I don’t think it’s biologically possible for anyone to survive with two hours of sleep per day. Most certainly it’s a rumour. Anyway, you can easily manage to get 8 hours of sleep.

For more information, please check the answers in the “Workload” thread.

I usually slept for 7-8 hours and got good results as well. So its just study life balancing. If anyone can balance that two well sleeping hours doesn’t matter. :joy::joy:


LOL. I guess you get to sleep more when work is less. And sleep less (or not at all) when work is more. Its about balance. This is not unique to ENTC, but in all fields.

Haha! This is an academic department, not a software firm :wink:

But jokes aside, the amount of sleep depends on the amount of care that you provide for your body, mind and work. If you plan your work out well (failing to plan is planning to fail), you do not have to pull off all-nighters to survive the exams and other work.

Any tough workload is manageable if you plan it well and make sure you pay attention to your sleep routine too so that you can work without disturbing it.


Regardless of the department you choose please make sure you sleep at least for 5-6 hours. Depending on the submissions and projects people who procrastinate will face issues. However it’s not the case for most of us.

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