ENTC vs ICE - Comparison

What area does it cover? How about jobs? salary? Could you please compare it with electronic department?

Im not actually certain what ICE is to give you a full idea about this. The best people to give an opinion on ICE are those who do that subject. If you want to speak to someone, You can talk to Isuru Hemantha, a friend of mine who is in his Final Year at ICE.

Comparing ICE with ENTC, i would probably say ENTC offers alot more depth and knowledge. ENTC is known for its diversity. You can refer to the other threads to find out about jobs and salaries for ENTC.


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I believe they focus on embedded systems (programming off the shelf microprocessors to create modules) and we focus on all fields of Electronics including designing microprocessors from scratch.

I have asked my friends in ICE to send me their curriculum and slides to have a look. They are busy with exams these days. I will answer you again with a detailed comparison in a few days.


I talked to my friend in ICE. The major difference between ICE and Electronics is, ICE focuses on embedded systems design, that is: programming off-the-shelf microprocessors (PIC, Atmel) to build modules (like sensor modules) in a way to meet the large scale production standards. They also apply Software engineering methods of handling teams during this development.

In contrast, ENTC focuses on the architecture of the microprocessors themselves (Computer Architecture, Advanced Digital Systems, Digital IC Design), building printed circuit boards with digital and analog components to support the IC (Electronic Product Realization, Digital + Analog Electronics I, II, II), mathematical models of signals (Signals and Systems, Digital Communication I, II), digital filter design (digital signal processing), Electromagnetic interference (Electromagnetics). In addition, there are modules for Robotics, AI and Machine Vision as well.

Note: Many modules are elective, so the student can choose the right path for him/herself.

Following are more details about ICE, answers to my questions given by my friend:

  1. What kind of projects do u do there? Examples?
  2. How does ICE compare to ENTC
  3. How does ICE compare to software engineering?
  4. Job opportunities?
  5. Example modules?

His Answers

  1. Projects are related to embedded systems ( both hardware and software are required)
  • Sem 3 Home automation
  • Sem 4 human motion capturing
  • Sem 5 specific device to human motion capturing and optimazation
  1. ICE can be refereed as Embedded system development where you need electronic knowledge concept and but not going to that deep in entc.
  2. Both write code, but in ICE coding should be done with various constrain memory, power management, network…
  3. In Sri Lanka, only Vega has some of them. synopsis or can work as software, network… engineer.
    Abroad, you can work as Embedded system engineer, AI engineer…
  4. Stuff related to embedded system software, network development. Basic electronic knowledge and their usage, HDL, robotic automation…

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