Doesnt electronic department modules cover business financial side?

Civil engineering modules cover Business and financial side… Like that Electronic modules do it? After electronic engineering degree if i do cima or something related to management, is it a good idea? I like management side,

Yes. We do have a whole bunch of business / financial modules (both compulsory and electives). I’ve attached a snap of a few electives we have.

At this stage though, I think it’s best not to worry about that. In any field, as you progress (in the industry or academia), management will become an integral portion of your job. To me though, its the creative engineering (sciency techy parts) that makes work more interesting. And uni will be the time you get to explore this side and gather all the skills you need for this.

On another note, if some is not interested in science / technology / maths or doing some level of innovative engineering, I personally don’t think ENTC is the ideal place for them. If you’re enthusiastic about building cool stuff (related to anything), even if you don’t have any knowledge, ENTC will be a great place with a supportive environment.

PS: in case you’re worried about landing a job (and hence the need to do other stuff), I think almost everyone at ENTC gets employed immediately after graduation, with most getting starting salaries well over 150K. By the time we graduate, almost everyone is good / specialised in some area that they really like.

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Are you interested in starting an Electronics startup or working as a Human Resource Manager in an Electronics company?