Department Piano only for final year people?

I have heard that only final year students can play the piano. Why??

Dear kavi97,

I managed the procuring of the piano in, as I remember, 2012. The funding was from the World Bank’s Higher Education for Twenty First Century (HETC) loan under the University Development Grant (UDG). Therefore, the piano belongs to the university. Everyone who wishes to play he piano is welcome. My only request is that you take care of this valuable resource. E.g., play with clean hands, clean the keyboard after playing, cover the piano after playing, and use the stool only when you play the piano.

The feeling that I get when I hear some student playing a beautiful piece is exquisite. I hope that it is the same with you. You are most welcome to play, whatever your year of study is, if you are a student of this university.

Kind regards,
Dr. Ranga Rodrigo


Nope. There’s no rule nor practice as such. I (and many others) have been playing it since our first year :slight_smile: