Deep Learning for Vision and Machine Learning at ENTC

I wish to briefly talk about the teaching and research work that we do on deep learning for computer vision, and machine learning in general at ENTC.

EN1060 Signals and Systems in semester 2 lays the foundation to understand teh concept of convolution, key concepts in deep learning for vision. Then in the in EN2550 Fundamentals of Image Processing and Machine Vision, we cover the typical computer vision topics—image formation, features, cameras, 3-D vision, segmentation, and convolutional neural networks in vision (only an introduction). The semester 7 course, EN4553 Machine Vision, is full course on standard topics in computer vision and deep learning for vision. This year, Dr. Sadeep Jayasumana, an authority in the field, covered the deep learning sections. In semester 8, we have EN4572 Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence a very important and theoretically strong course on machine learning (pattern analysis). Dr. Prathapasinghe teaches this module. In the semester 8 seminar course, EN4583 Advances in Vision, we discuss the most current topics that appear in the premier conferences in the world, like CVPR, ICCV, NIPS and the like. These show the strong line-up of modules that we have in computer vision and machine learning.

Research work getting accepted in premier vision conferences is the indicator of the know-how that ENTC has in deep learning for vision. I have briefly discussed our recent work and publications on my website: In fact, the paper authored by Jathushan and others got selected as an oral presentation at CVPR 2019 held in Long Beach, CA, a distinct achievement, probably the first such achievement for a Sri Lankan undergraduate group . This YouTube video shows Jathushan presenting this important work:

These, in my opinion, indicate our know-how and what enthusiastic students can achieve in the area of deep learning for vision and machine learning in general at ENTC.

I encourage you to have discussions with the final-year students like Kanchana, Abrajithan, and Kithmin who are active in this forum to get more information. You are most welcome to talk to me as well (

Thank you.
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Dr. Ranga Rodrigo