Can we get the opinion of some average tronic guy than the top performers?

Hi ayye,
I really appreciate all the comments and advice that you have given in this forum, but im a bit worried about how all the ayyas commenting here are top performers in the entc department. Can we also get the ideas of some average performers in the tronic department as well?



Good point!! :smile: A forum should be balanced an unbiased!

Just to be clear on the matter, the forum should only be used to support or discourage your decisions, the forum should not make you you’re decision. So be sure to present your query openly, and get feedback from all parties.

Most of the questions so far were answered by some of the top performers, yes, but it was also done very unbiased and openly.

Please let the forum know which queries need answers from other parties as well, so that you can have feedback on those soon.